Budget Cuts To Blame For Riverwalk Neglect

Budget Cuts To Blame For Riverwalk Neglect (Image 1)
Budget Cuts To Blame For Riverwalk Neglect (Image 1)

Blame the budget for the poor state of Augusta's Riverwalk.

Monday, we showed you a close up look of the popular park, which after 25 years is showing its age. Weeds are taking over and there are serious maintenance issues with the brick and concrete work.

But, as the city tightens its belt, City Administrator Fred Russell says there isn't money available for upkeep.

“What is hard to do is take those general fund tax dollars that are so limited and try to divide those out. As long as we're not going to increase the size of the pie, we make some tough decisions and sometimes you end up with weeds,” says City Administrator Fred Russell.

Riverwalk has a crew that also works on the Augusta Common, as well as a regular budget however extra money is on the way this year.

Twenty-five thousand dollars from the city capital fund was approved in the 2013 budget for Riverwalk maintenance.

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