Columbia County Girl Gives Gifts To Others For Her 16th Birthday

Columbia County Girl Gives Gifts To Others For Her 16th Birthday (Image 1)

If there is one birthday that allows
self-indulgence it's a girl's 16th birthday party. MTV even had a show about the coming of
age celebration called “My Super Sweet 16.” But one Columbia County
girl decided to trade in the presents for smiles by performing 16 random acts
of kindness on her 16th birthday.

Dekle is doing something unique for her sweet 16 birthday party. Instead of
having a coming of age party at her house and receiving dozens of gifts,
Caroline and her friends will be giving back to the community by performing
random acts of kindness to strangers.

Their journey started at the movie theater, where Caroline walked up to a stranger and said, “we
were wondering if we could buy your movie tickets today? We are going around
doing random acts of kindness. You can order and we
will buy your ticket.”

The stranger replied, “Oh,
thank you, that's so nice.”

Caroline told us, “my mom and I were thinking about what could we do that was
different and wasn't like anything else that I've done before. And she saw this
idea online about random acts of kindness and I've always had a servants

Caroline and her friends even gave money to a woman at a gas station. She said, “here's
ten dollars. We were going to try to pay for your gas, but since you already
payed, here you go.”

you,” said the woman.

a great day,” said Caroline.

The group
set out with a list of things they could do to make others smile — which
included laying flowers on someone's car and pushing shopping carts back into a

friends had no idea what they would be doing when they arrived at her house, but when
they found out, they were totally on board.

are just going around Augusta doing random acts of kindness,” said one friend.

Caroline's friend Madeline Hopkins said , “she's
always kind, caring, I mean, definitely for me she's that one girl who I can
look for and talk to when I need a friend, you know?”

The girls
bought pizza for Augusta firefighters to show their thanks. At
the end of the day, Caroline and friends stopped off at an assisted-living
facility to give flowers to the elderly.

to see everybody smile was just neat and to get the different reactions that we
got. And I guess just the selfless acts of kindness that we did. It was just a
great feeling and it was nothing I've ever done before,” said Caroline.

Caroline and her friends also bought
Starbucks for the car behind them in the drive thru, bought ice cream for
people at Chick-fil-a and gave cookies to children at the park.

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