New Augusta Garbage Service Doesn’t Pass The Smell Test

New Augusta Garbage Service Doesn't Pass The Smell Test (Image 1)

Augusta's new garbage service hasn't started yet, but at least one Augusta Commissioner is saying it may not pass the smell test.

Starting June 3rd, trash will only be picked up once a week instead of twice a week like it's been for the past 13 years.

The service reduction is an effort to cut costs, and to provide only the service customers need.

But, Augusta's Mayor Pro-Tem says one day a week pickup could easily stink. “We do know it may be an issue and it may be an issue with smell, you know let's be realistic, that's the main concern it won't be an odorless situation let's put it that way,” says Commissioner Corey Johnson.

Johnson feels the Commission may have to go back after the fact and amend the contract to bring back twice a week pickup,

Customers worried about over-flowing garbage can get an additional trash can; however that will add more than $120 to your trash bill.

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