SRNS Workers To Return to Full-Time Work Status

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions SRNS Logo graphic
Savannah River Nuclear Solutions SRNS Logo graphic

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) President and CEO Dwayne Wilson sent out an email to employees Thursday announcing that SRNS will begin the process to return to normal work schedules, effective May 27th.

Read the text of the email below:

We have received formal notification from the Department of Energy that the necessary funding for SRNS to continue our planned work for the remainder of FY13 will be arriving at SRS no later than next week. Thus, we will immediately begin the process to return employees to their normal work schedules.
Now we can all get back to doing what we do best, providing exceptional services and expertise in nuclear materials management and environmental cleanup for SRS and our nation.

Reversing the reduced work schedules will take a few days to fully implement. Employees should complete this week on their reduced work schedule and plan to return to full-time work status beginning the week of May 27, 2013. All employees will be reverted to the schedule they were working on March 31, 2013.

We are in the process of reviewing work that was deferred and will begin ramping back up in most areas. I ask that you be very deliberate in your safe and secure work performance as we get our business back on track.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and professionalism over these past few weeks. Overall, the SRNS workforce has remained respectful and considerate under very difficult circumstances.

SRNS is a great company and this Site has an important future and I look forward to working with you to successfully implement a SRS business model based on achieving our strategic objectives through effective use of our knowledge and assets.

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