Memorial Day Travel: Driving vs. Flying

New Traffic Light on Wrightsboro Rd. (Image 1)

is the start of Memorial Day weekend for many of you.  Triple A predicts
travel will decrease slightly this year. 

A predicts 35 million people will hit the roads – and today is the one of the
busiest travel days for the summer season.

Flowers is spending her Memorial Day weekend with family. She's driving from
Atlanta through Augusta – on to Raleigh and then Connecticut for a wedding.

stop for food, take rest stops because we have little kids who have to go to
the bathroom,” said Flowers.

and many other drivers may face sights like these with long lines on the

busy – a lot of people are getting out for Memorial Day this year,” said Denisha

decided to drive because with the 5 of us because we have a pretty high expense
with flights,” said Flowers.

travelers say gas prices didn't play a huge role and say it's DRIVING IS still
cheaper than flying.

have to extra expense of hitting 2 airports so if we drive we'll save us about
$300,” said Flowers.

year, air travel is down by about 8-percent because of higher airline fees and
long lines at airports. And as a result, people are choosing the roads instead
of the friendly skies because it's cheaper and convenient.

9 out of 10
travelers will drive, and more cars on the roads could mean more accidents.
Last year, 8 people died on South Carolina roadways, and 6 people died in
Georgia during the Memorial Day weekend.

say most accidents are because of distracted drivers.

just make sure everyone is buckled up and not have anything outside their
windows,” said Flowers.

driving – on our way up here we almost got into an accident.  People are
braking in front of you and cutting in,” said Lynch.

out early in the day so you are not stuck in rush hour. Be careful, watch what
you are doing and stay safe,” said Covington, Ga.

Patrol will beef up patrols so if you're headed out, buckle up, follow the
speed limit and drive safely.

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