Augusta Bar Charged With Having Teen Dancing Nude With An Adult

Augusta Bar Charged With Having Teen Dancing Nude With An Adult (Image 1)

The club's advertisements are suggestive and last month, Richmond County Sheriff's Office investigators say “Skittlez”, on Gordon Highway, went too far when a male performer took it all off.

“The last ten minutes of his show, the performer did get completely nude in there, did take a participant from the audience who was a 16-year-old kid…put him up on stage with him. The kid did get nude as well,” says Investigator Tony Hyatt, of the Sheriff's Office's Vice Division..

Skittlez owner Timothy Lowery and his lawyer went before Augusta Commissioners, with the owner suggesting the performer and the 16-year-old are to blame.

“The performer and the young man in question rode in the car together into the club. He used a fake ID to get in the club. The person that was in there took a picture all three people involved in this incident, came together,” says Lowery. “You telling me, by Monday morning, the picture was sent to the Sheriff's Office?” we asked. “It's purely set up,” says Lowery

We asked Hyatt if there is any evidence that the two arrived together?  “I'd rather not go into that, right now. As far as him being part of the show, as far as him being with the entertainer, the stripper, no,” said Hyatt.

And, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office says about two dozen high school kids from an Augusta high school were also inside seeing the show. “Being under age in there, there was anywhere between 20 and 25 individuals in there, they're all from the same high school here, that were in there that night,” said Hyatt.

Lowery denied Hyatt's allegation. “That's not true, that's impossible to happen,” Lowery said.

What happens next is up to Commissioners and, even though the Public Services Committee heard a 16-year-old was dancing nude with an adult and that two dozen high schoolers were inside, the committee is recommending only suspending the club's license for 30 days and placing the business on six months probation..meaning the club gets another chance to have underage teenagers inside.

“We're a city of second, third and fourth chances. This isn't the first time someone has been given a second chance and it probably won't be the last time,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree was recommending Commissioners revoke the club's license. Hyatt says the 16-year-old admitted to dancing nude, and the performer says he's been to the club four or five times.

The final decision belongs to the full Commission which votes next week. The club can stay open until the final decision.

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