Augusta Fire Chief Says Tornado Sirens Would Be Costly

Augusta isn't ready to sound the alarm when it comes to alerting the public about tornadoes or other emergencies.

After the horrible storms in Oklahoma, city leaders are discussing whether Augusta should have a storm siren system. We've been telling you about the proposal for weeks. The city has three sirens right now, and the fire chief says adding more would be costly and require a siren location study.

“Between…somewhere between $12,000 and $30,000 a siren, I guess. Depending on what company you go with, or brand of siren you go [with]…the way you would do it, you would have a company come in and do an assessment of your community and they would tell you the number of sirens needed,” says Chief Chris James, of the Augusta Fire Department.

Chief James says there are other options already in place to alert the public. They include a reverse 911 system of department alerts sent as e-mails. The Augusta Commission plans to tackle the siren system proposal at their next retreat.

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