Dog That Disappeared In Indiana Shows Up In Atlanta 3 Weeks Later

Dog That Disappeared In Indiana Shows Up In Atlanta 3 Weeks Later (Image 1)

Craig Lucie, reporting: “A woman says Jasmine the dog jumped in her car so she brought the dog here [Fulton County Animal Shelter], they scanned her for a chip and they were able to reach its owners all the way in Indiana. It's owners immediately got on the road for this long awaited reunion.”

Karen Stievenhart didn't need to tell us how much she loves her dog…we saw it firsthand when Jasmine suddenly walked out. “You know I love her when you see her, you'll see how pretty her eyes are. There's a…looky there….(puppy talk), where you been?” says Stievenhart.

Where have you been is a great question…and Jasmine gave us an up-close look at those pretty eyes.

Karen and her husband, Victor, say Jasmine slipped out of her collar more than three weeks ago at their home in Terre Haute, Indiana. They think Jasmine may have hitched a ride south with someone, covering more than 500 miles.

“Trucker, camper…we live about mile from I-70,” Victor says.

Karen told us she never gave up finding her best friend. “I've been checking the shelter in Terre Haute every day. They are tired of seeing me,” she says.

But, it was the other shelter…the one in Atlanta, Georgia…that gave her the call that she's been waiting for.

“Look at that, look at that (crying). I didn't think we would see her again. (Crying)” Karen says. “Well, you got her,” says Victor.

Karen got Jasmine back, thanks to a microchip.

“I encourage anybody to go microchip because they would have never found this dog if it weren't for microchip,” says Tracy Thompson, with Fulton County Animal Services.

Now Jasmine is headed back up north…and only she knows how she covered the 500 miles…the first time.

“Oh, the stories she could tell…” says Karen.

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