Farmers Could Get Out Of City Trash Pickup

Farmers Could Get Out Of City Trash Pickup (Image 1)

Augusta Commissioners are talking trash Tuesday night.

New trash service begins new week with more than 3,000 residents living in deep south Augusta becoming first-time customers.

Commissioners are discussing changes to city regulations to allow some of those residents to get out of having garbage service. One of the recommendations would be to allow those who farm for a living and already have dumpster service to opt out of paying for city trash pickup.

“Farmers may have a slightly different need, kind of like commercial businesses, where they would need a dumpster or another level of service beyond what we provide. You don't like to give exemptions, but you think farmers deserve it. We would want to treat that like they're a commercial business. We already have that in the downtown area, so why not extend that out to them, as well,” says Augusta Landfill director Mark Johnson.

Trash service is being reduced to just one day a week, starting June 3rd. Johnson says customers can get an additional trash can at $124 on their bill.

Another proposal will be allow customers to select a smaller trash can for a smaller price in the $230 range, instead of $310 for the large trash bin, however that is likely not to begin under next year.

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