Mom2Mom: Busted on the Beach

Mom2Mom: Busted on the Beach (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, July '12   

I guess it was just a matter of time: The kids are flat revolting because they say I always share stories in this column about their mishaps, not my own. So this month I'm sharing one of their favorite “Blonde Mom Moments.”

One of the best weeks of our summer vacation was spent at Surfside Beach. The pier was a nice walk from our condo, so one evening we strolled up the beach to have dinner at one of the restaurants there.

Later that night, on our way back down the beach, we noticed several people walking out to the surf with flashlights. They were watching crabs run along the wet sand.

I remembered that my keychain had a little light on it, so I dug it out of my bag and we started looking for the creatures, too. We continued walking in the surf until one of the kids said we were close to our condo building.

“Wait!” I flipped my mini-light around and pushed the red laser button. “Up there, see the corner unit with the light on? That's our building.” I was making my way through the really soft, dry sand now.

“The first one?” somebody asked.

“Nope,” I said, vividly circling the red laser dot toward the building I was talking about. “That one over there,” I yelled, still waving the light.

“MOM stop!” my son said, pulling down my arm. “That's not funny.”

“What are you doing, mom? OH, how embarrassing!” The girls turned me around.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. I had no idea why they were suddenly marching me toward the ocean. We'd been heading toward the dunes.

“My gosh, Mom!! Are you blind?” Maddy laughed. “There's a couple making out over there and you keep shining the red dot right on them.”

“Yeah, and you're yelling ‘that one over there' right at them! “Didn't you see them looking at us, Mom?” Sky said in between spurts of laughter.

Suddenly I felt like I was in one of those TV shows where the cop shines his flashlight into a car on “Lovers Lane”…and the smooching couple's all like, “Yeah, we're just enjoying the view.”

After my own laughing fit subsided I waded back to our little boardwalk— no way was I chancing coming face-to-face with Romeo and Juliet.

To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here. Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.


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