Mom2Mom: Dinnertime Distractions

Mom2Mom: Dinnertime Distractions (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, Sept '12    

So I had come home for dinner between the evening newscasts…  nothing out of the ordinary.

I had on a white blouse, with a long white tie thingy in the front, and was looking for an apron (that part's out of the ordinary!) to cover my work clothes as I fixed supper.

16-year old Sky was ignoring my pleas to run upstairs and look for the apron…  and being too lazy to do it myself, I walked to the laundry room, right off the kitchen, took off the white blouse, and pulled a clean nightgown over my head. At least I was protecting my skirt from the splatters that would inevitably happen as I cooked dinner.

My other daughter, Maddy, came in from Charleston as we were eating dinner and started telling us stories about moving her friend, Becky, into an apartment there.

They had a funny situation happen when they showed up at a lady's apartment one morning, to pick up the washer & dryer Becky was buying from her.  The woman said she had a couple of guys coming over to help them move the machines from one unit to the other.

As she walked the girls back to the utility closet to see the set she said, “They work great but they're nothing to look at.”

Maddy, half-listening, chimes into the conversation saying, “That's OK, look at us. We didn't even take showers this morning or put on make-up!”

Becky realizes my rocket scientist thinks the lady is talking about the movers, not the Maytags. She rolls her eyes and tells Maddy to please stop talking!

All too soon, I had to excuse myself from our fun table talk and drive back to work.  As I walked into the newsroom and started toward my desk, my friend Paige looked at me and said, in a serious tone, “Jennie, what are you wearing?”

I looked down to see my high heels, pantyhose, and red pencil skirt below the lacy hem of my pink and white striped cotton nightgown. OMG!! There I was standing in the middle of the newsroom still wearing my nightgown as an apron!!

And I thought Maddy didn't pay attention??

(Way worse that showing up in mismatched shoes!)

To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here. Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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