Mom2Mom: Fair Warning, New Moms

Mom2Mom: Fair Warning, New Moms (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, Jan '13     

Fair season has wrapped up and while it conjures up smells for me—cotton candy, pizza and corn dogs—it always reminds my friend Kathy of a significant milestone.
She was a young mother, staying home with a baby and a pre-schooler. That fall was especially tough because her husband was working out of state. When I say Kathy stayed home, I mean she STAYED HOME. Venturing out alone with the two tiny ones was too overwhelming.

One afternoon she boldly decided to pack up the kiddos and head out to the fair. She ended up having a great time and felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment.
That one decision changed the course of Kathy's young motherhood!

Hunter Tylo changed the course of mine.

NOBODY warned me that 8.4 pounds would rock my world! The books tell you what to expect about your pregnancy, childbirth and your baby's needs… but they don't tell you about YOUR needs!

I found myself walking around like a robot those first couple of months, trying to feed and soothe my newborn…still in pajamas in the middle of the afternoon. I would pass a mirror and think, “Who is that?”

I had romanticized the “new mommy” role and was totally unprepared for the reality that babies are hard work!

Then I found Hunter Tylo, an attractive actress on an afternoon soap opera. She was beautiful (no doubt with the help of a great team of stylists) and I would feed my baby his bottle thinking that I once had cared what I looked like, too! That show became part of my afternoon routine and eventually I was inspired to pick myself up, shower and unzip the make-up bag!

In short, I learned how to manage life with that extra 8.4 pounds…instead of letting it manage me!

For all you new moms reading this in your OB or pediatrician's office, hang in there. It may seem like you've lost your sense of self, but it's a temporary state.

Hold your baby close and give yourself a break: Before you blink your eyes, that baby will be begging for another ride on the merry-go-round and a well-balanced meal of vinegar fries and funnel cake!

To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here.  Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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