Mom2Mom: Here’s to Camp Grow-A-Thick Skin!

Mom2Mom: Here's to Camp Grow-A-Thick Skin! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, April '13      

Summer Camp.

Loved the way it was portrayed in The Parent Trap: the cabins, swimming in the lake, and loads of silly pranks. (That's also how I like to remember Lindsay Lohan- before she outgrew that innocent charm!)

But that's just not the way I remember summer camp when I was a rising 5th grader.

The camp director had put me in a cabin with rising 6th graders. We were paired with a boys' cabin for all daytime activities- they were all rising 6th graders, too.  I was teased the entire time because I was the youngest one in our group.

As the eldest of three kids, being the “baby” was unfamiliar territory. I was always the boss– but not at camp! The boys were nicer to me than the girls, so I really liked our combined time. I dreaded the post-campfire time when we were sent back to the cabins.

One night I was surprised to find two of the girls sitting on my bottom bunk bed. They were being all “Hey, girl!” and “Do you think any of the boys are cute?”

I may have been the baby but I was no dummy.  One girl casually looked under the springs of the mattress above mine and found a folded note with my name on it.

“Oh, look!” she passed the paper to the other, “somebody hid a note for you to find.”

Seriously, did they really think I would fall for this? They handed it to me and I slowly opened it.  It was allegedly a LOVE LETTER from the cutest boy in our group. “He” had written a series of questions requiring check-yes-or-no-box answers.

I folded it back up and tried to hide it in my paperback. They grabbed it from though, and ran around the cabin reading it out loud and laughing. Worst of all, they showed it to all of the boys the next day. Even though I knew it was a fake note, I was horribly embarrassed by it.

Wish I had had a camper like little Miss Lohan on my side back then… she would have devised the ultimate retaliation!

To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here. Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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