CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Georgia Couple, Wedding Party Make Unexpected Splash

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Georgia Couple, Wedding Party Make Unexpected Splash (Image 1)

Jeff Dore, reporting: “Remember how it rained every weekend, week after week? So, when they were planning this beautiful lakeside wedding, they put up a great, big tent here to make sure no one would get wet.”

“There were lights everywhere, there were living areas with sofas,” Elizabeth Lineberry, who is the bride's sister.

Elizabeth Lineberry helped string chandeliers between the trees and turn their late grandmother's lake frontage into a fairtale venue. When her sister, Patricia Andrews, exchanged vows with Frank Fearon, it was wedding magic.

They were to depart on a sailboat…

“We don't even know, we've all been wracking our brains, like whose idea was it and all we know is someone threw out 'hey, we should take our picture by the sailboat'. And the sailboat was parked at the end there and it was gorgeous,” Lineberry says.

Their brother's company shot videotape and he said to keep shooting, just in case someone fell in.

“And after the entire 27 people were on the dock, we hear a creak and a groan. My husband was like, 'this is gonna fall in the water', and then we go cachoom!” Lineberry adds.

Twenty-seven people in their wedding finest plunged into Lake Lanier after years of wave action loosened a rod that held the dock in place.

Once they knew everyone survived, the laughter took over, and they declared it the best wedding ever.

“And they were just like, you know, we just take it all in stride and they did and they were still celebrating and we had a great night,” Lineberry says.

Dore: “The bride and groom are on their honeymoon, and meanwhile, the whole wedding party is able to see the humor in what happened, even the bridesmaid, who broke her humerus bone.”

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