CSRA Is A Hurricane Evacuation Zone

CSRA Is A Hurricane Evacuation Zone (Image 1)

Debbie Rowe says, “If we were to have a hurricane and people were to come
here. We don't normally allow pets or children, but that's out in case of an
emergency. I would allow pets and children here.”

Debbie Rowe is the resident manager for Affordable Suites in
Augusta and she has seen what happens during hurricane evacuations.

“I've lived in areas where ya know when hurricanes came in
we would have a huge influx of people that would come in and they'd bring their
pets, they'd bring their children ya know any belongings they had and we took
care of them regardless of what the restrictions were at the property at the
time,” said Rowe.

Rowe says that her dog Kelsy is a big part of her family, too
and even though the rules don't allow hotel guests to bring pets—she would make
an exception during a hurricane.

“I'd bring ‘em in, they could stay in the courtyard. We'd
put them wherever we could put ‘em if needed. I have a pet myself and I would
never leave my animal behind under any circumstances,” said Rowe.

Rowe has had Kelsy for seven years and says that it doesn't
matter how bad the weather gets or who shows up at her door—she would find a
place for evacuees.

“We're pretty booked for June and part of July, but we do
have some rooms left and what we have I would let any kind of hurricane victims
here,” said Rowe.

Disasters are always an opportunity for gas stations and
hotels to price gouge—but Rowe says that won't happen at her hotel while she is
in charge.

“That's something that I've seen done before and, no, I
wouldn't do that and neither would my company.”

The disaster preparedness coordinator for Augusta recommends
having a Red Cross kit before a hurricane hits.

It should include things like a weather radio so you can
hear alerts and a flashlight that works with three different types of batteries.

For more information on how to prepare for a disaster and to see what Richmond County's plan is go to:



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