Cancer Answer – Skin Cancer Screenings

Having fun in the sun could mean years of trouble later.
May is skin cancer awareness month and University Hospital wants to get the word out about the importance of protecting your skin.

Fighting the effects of the sun takes some effort. lots of sunscreen, covering up or staying in the shade and a second set of eyes doesn't hurt.
Anne Lindsay has been a cancer survivor since 1963….she's in the sun a lot and doesn't wear sunscreen like she should, ” that's my maine reason for being here, I wanted to have this thing looked at…I'm glad I did, I'm really glad I did.”
On this day University Hospital opened their doors for the public to receive free skin cancer screenings. Anne and many others came out, filled out forms and let doctors look them over.

Dr. Sarah Cely is one physician taking the time to see patients, ” its not just the U-V rays from yesterday rather the cumulative exposure over their lifetime that leads to skin cancer.
Many of these people came out to make sure they were ok….Doctor, “that does look like skin cancer………it means this is sun induced”
Like Anne patient after patient will go back to see a doctor to get their diagnosis. Even if you don't think sunscreen is important.

Dr. Cely, ” African- Americans and darker skin type patients can get skin cancer and it is important to protect yourself.”
Anne, says getting checked out is quick and easy, ” just go to a doctor and get it over with. You're only in there for a while, so if it makes your life a little longer and healthier it should be done.”
A little effort could save your life.

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