Principals Review Options With Richmond County School Budget Cuts

Principals Review Options With Richmond County School Budget Cuts (Image 1)

Coverage you can count on continues tonight with word of a new round of budget cuts at Richmond County Schools.

This time–each individual school may get to decide exactly what gets cut.

School leaders met with Richmond County principals, and ordered them to cut an additional 7 per-cent out of their budgets for the upcoming school year.

For perspective, 7% from Richmond Academy's budget would mean the school needs to cut a half-million dollars.  But the amount of money varies from school to school.

It's all a part of the school system's push to cut 7-million dollars out of its 240-million dollar total budget

School may be out for the summer but teachers are back in the classroom trying to solve a budget problem.

“Our 7% is around half a million dollars. We've considered staffing, increase class size more towards the limit,” said ARC Principal, Malinda Cobb.

So more kids in the classroom is just one option –the school superintendent says reducing substitute teachers, sharing assistant principals and trimming utility bills could help cut costs.

“We are going to conserve, turn our lights down so we can save money there,” said Cobb.

Right now, teachers have to take 9 furlough days next school year so that increase, but new teaching positions may not be filled.

“Maybe someone has dual certification where they would belong to half of one department and half of another,” said Cobb

“For years teachers have gone to their pockets and bought things that they need to make learning that much more accessible. For years, teachers have done that,” said Richmond County School Superintendent, Dr. Frank Roberson.

“As a tax payer and an educator, I ask the state reduce these types of cuts. I don't think our educators in Richmond County can continue to carry the weight with more furlough days,” said Cobb.

The BOE will review all of the inputs from school principals next week. The school superintendent says the cuts will not affect athletic programs at schools because they come from a different budget.

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