2013 College Graduation Speeches

It's been all about
presidents and priests, comedians, CEO's, and even Hollywood stars.

College graduation season
is in full swing, and this year's commencement speakers have had some eye-opening
advice for 2013 grads.

Devin Dwyer takes a closer look at some of
the season's most memorable speeches.

For the class of 2013, it's been a
star-studded sendoff…a tribute both stodgy…and soulful

An annual pageant of academics…at
least on the surface.

Those smarts earning 1.8 million
college degrees this year, but not before a final lecture on life.

They've been morsels of wisdom for the
twitter generation….and tweet-worthy they were.

And despite that occasional downpour,
advice for sunny days ahead, never mind this year's grads may be the most in
debt… ever

At least the outlook for jobs is a
little bit better than last year.

Devin Dwyer, ABC news, Washington.

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