New Program Lowers Power Bill in High Heat

New Program Lowers Power Bill in High Heat (Image 1)

As the fan spins– the
kilowatts add up and the amount you pay for your electric bill may be

Have you ever wondered how
the weather affects the cost? Would you like to know exactly the amount of
dollars you're spending each day? 
2-million residents in Georgia now have the answers. Citizens are in
charge of their electric bill through a program called ‘my power usage',
created only for Georgia Power customers.

Windy Brown Georgia Power
Regional Sales Director says, “You can see how the weather impact your bill, you can avoid
surprises, and high bills by setting alerts to email you when you reach a
certain dollar amount each month.”

The online tool allows you
to track every detail down to the minute. From the temperature outside, to the kilowatts
used– It displays how many dollars you're spending each day and offers tips on
ways to lower the price. Residents of Columbia County who use Georgia Power say
enrolling into the system is a no brainier.

Columbia County resident, Phil
Johnson says, “Anytime you can save money is a good thing. A power bill is
just money going out of the window. You want to save as much as you can. Making
a budget is a big deal.”

The program allows 24/7
online access to track your bill and daily progress.  In a recovering economy, some say knowing
exactly what your spending and being able to correct it is essential.

Brown explains, “People
are still getting laid off, and furloughed. It's still tough for folks. The my
power usage programs allows residential customers to be in charge of their own
power bill.”

So, as the temperatures
rise this summer you will know the best ways to beat the heat.  135,00 people benefit from this program. Click
here for more information


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