Handicap Symbol Change In New York City Seen As Social Statement

Handicap Symbol Change In New York City Seen As Social Statement (Image 1)

It's a modern day makeover for the familiar blue and white icon…

On Friday, disability advocacy group Triangle shot video video as they unveiled a new, speedier looking symbol soon making it's debut…on parking spaces, bathroom doors, and more…across New York City.

“It truly is about people with ability. It's not about people with disabilities, and I think that's what this logo signifies,” says Malden City's mayor, Gary Christenson.

The change comes after years of fighting by disability advocates, who believe the old icon, is just too passive

“The chair is part of the person, the person is not part of the chair,” says a wheelchair-bound man.

Artist Sarah Hedron designed this new look, which she says is much less limiting. “All aspects of design show, instead, a person is one who's using technology like a chair and show's that person is active, as well,” she says.

While one disabled community blog is calling the money and time that will go into swapping out the old signs a “waste fixing something that isn't broken”, others feel this change is long overdue.

“It's about time we have a more active, lean in approach to disability,” says Carol Glazer, who is president of the National Organization on Disability.

It's a movement that started with a small campaign at Gordon College in Massachusetts…now making it's way to the country's biggest city, with the goal of eventually changing perceptions nationwide.

“It's wonderful to use what is really a can of aerosol paint for something that's not destructive, that is very creative, and constructive and helps other people,” says Brian Glenney, co-founder of the Accessible Icon Project.

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