Local Doctor Taking Patients Uninsured

If you are someone who is living on a budget,
and you don't have medical insurance one local doctor is opening his doors six
days a week to help you. With rates starting at $49.95 a month, you can have
around the clock medical care.

Doctor Troy Coon works
full time at Doctors Hospital in the emergency department. His personal
experiences and passion for treating patients sparked the idea 12 months
ago  to create “perfect health”
an urgency care office  in Evans that
will treat everyone-even the uninsured.

Jessica Chapman an Augusta
resident says, “It's nice to know that there's a facility now that not
only does he want to help people, but he's bending over backwards to be
available to you when you need him.”

Modern technology allows
Doctor Coon to treat patients over the phone or web. He says he never wants
people to waste their time or money for a diagnoses and treatment that could be
made over the phone.

Troy Coon says, “For those
people who do have insurance and you haven't met your deductible, you come to
the ER for a sore throat after hours, you may pay 700-800 bucks. That service
is almost a crime to the individual, and there's really nothing out

Doctor Coon's
facility-Perfect Health 24/7 focuses on three areas: weight loss support, men's
health and all urgent care needs. Coon says their office can do everything any
other doctor's office will do-except for a cheaper price at a quicker
rate.  In fact, a family of three can be
treated for 90 dollars a month.

Doctor Coon explains,
“People are spending hundreds of hundreds of dollars at ER , mainly because
they don't have access they can't get in to see their doctor, or they take a
half day off of work just to sit there for three hours when they could be seen
in three minutes. We can take care of most issues by the telephone or email.
They can come by the office if it's something quick.”

Doctor Coon admits the
Affordable Health Care Act taking effect in 2014 influenced his decision to
open the facility.


“The biggest problem
with it is what's going to be the new influx of patients. What's estimated
30-34 million new people coming into the health care system that's already over
worked, says Coon.”


Coon says his full staff of
eight and 24/7 on call services will help eliminate the expected wait times.
Their goal is to provide everyone the chance to obtain a healthy life style.


To learn more click here http://wsdata.com/redirect/2013-02-20/perfecthealth247.com




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