Faglier Brothers Nearing Pro Decision

Faglier Brothers Nearing Pro Decision (Image 1)

With a combined record of 18-2, Jason and Alex Faglier have achieved all that there is to achieve in the amateur ranks. They're both ranked at or near the top of their respective weight classes, and are finding it hard to find anyone willing to step in the cage with them.

“They'll get offered to fight, be all for it,” Jason said. “Then they find out it's me and they back out.”

Which means it's time to turn pro.

“We're not just going to roll the dice and go for it,” their father Jason senior said. “I wouldn't let them do anything unless they were ready, and I definitely think they're ready.”

Jason Jr is full time student at Georgia Regents, and will spend his summer in Spain taking high level Spanish courses at the University of Salamanca – he plans to turn pro sometime after he returns from his semester abroad.

Alex holds two full time jobs at Savage's Heating and Air and Vallarta, and finds time to train in between. He says he's trying to save up some money to go to college before making his decision to turn pro.

Jason Sr points to the boys hard work and strong character as the basis of their success.

“They're amazing fighters and martial artists,” said the owner of Flier's Kempo Karate. “But most of all they're  amazing young men and that's what I'm most proud of.”

For more on the brothers and Faglier Kempo Karate school visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fagliers-Kempo-Karate/206551079355668

or call Jason Sr at (706)-830-7741



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