Family questions accident that killed Groom on his wedding night

Family questions accident that killed Groom on his wedding night (Image 1)

An Augusta man is killed in a violent crash just hours after his wedding. Tonight, his new bride is fighting for her life. The two were involved in a crash on Saturday night after leaving their wedding reception. WJBF News Channel Six's Dee Griffin spoke with the groom's family about there devastating loss.

Days after planning her son's wedding, Brenda Erhart is planning her son's funeral.  While holding back tears Erhart says, “They've known one another for 28 years and they've always been friends. But they finally got together.”

Hours later, death tore them apart. Saturday night, Brian Orzechowski and his new wife Crystal Krentler were traveling on Washington Road to their honeymoon location. According to the driver of an SUV, Orzechowski's car veered into the SUV's path in the opposite lane. The two vehicles crashed, ending Orzechowski's life and short marriage while opening up a lot of questions.  “How they figure my son went over to the other lane when his car was on this side of the road?” asks Erhart.

As Erhart searches for answers, she turns to these reminders of her son for sources of comfort. The 35 year old retired from the Army last year after serving more than three tours in Iraq. He was the father of two boys and from a close knit family. His nephew Brian Lohrman remembers Orzechowski as a hero.  Lohrman says, “We had gotten into the pool, I accidentally got too far. First Christian got me to where I can stand and Brian helped me out.”

While preparing to bury her son, Brenda Erhart is also trying to bury rumors that Brian Orzechowski was driving drunk after his wedding. She explains, “everybody that was there said he wasn't drunk. He had a beer that he nursed all day long. He had a glass of champagne with his baby brother and a glass of champagne with his wife over an eight hour period.”

As family members try to come to terms with their loss, they are remembering all the love gained during his lifetime. “He says, 'momma, everybody always has a best man. But I want you to stand up there beside me because you're my best friend,'” Erhart cries.

Investigators say the driver of the SUV, Torvory Curry, was driving with a suspended license and had an open container of alcohol in his car. Charges are pending against him.


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