Mayor Defends 300K Mill Study

GRU Pumps $1.8 Billion Into Local Economy (Image 1)

Will it be another big dollar study for the city of Augusta?

Commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday to spend 300 thousand dollars on a planning study of the old Sibley and King Mills.

 The city is trying to convince GRU and the Board of Regents to turn the mills into dorms and class-rooms.

Although GRU has not said ok to the proposal, the mayor is still pushing to do the study.

“A lot of money could this be another wasted study, we asked Mayor Copenhaver.

” No George not at all, we're hopeful GRU will be the end user, but we've already gotten national attention through this announcement so we're fielding calls from all over the nation now if there not the end user I'm sure we can find another one I have no doubt, said the mayor.

If the commission votes to approve it, the vote is scheduled for Tuesday, 200-thousand dollars will come from reserves and the remaining hundred thousand will come from the mayor's budget.

The deal also includes property on Goodrich Street for a solar power farm, which the mayor says will generate power to sell to Georgia Power.

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