North Augusta Residents Cleaning Up After Heavy Rainfall, Flooding

North Augusta Residents Cleaning Up After Heavy Rainfall, Flooding (Image 1)

I spoke with a woman who's car will not even start due to the damage. The heavy amount of rainfall in such a short period of time has ruined homes for Some people in North Augusta.

The first floor of Carl Jones' home at The Grove apartment complex in North Augusta is completely ruined. “You can see the whole parking lot flooded, everyone's cars basically half under water,” he says.

Jones says he woke up around midnight to check on his wife, who is expecting twins, and suddenly realized it wasn't a typical storm outside. Neighbors and apartment managers were banging on everyone's door to alert them of high flood waters, demanding they evacuate.

“He was saying 'flood, flood!'” Jones says.

Luckily, Jones was able to move his car to higher elevation. Some weren't so fortunate, though. For those who chose not to evacuate, Aiken County Red Cross workers were at their side.

“Right now we're knocking on door to door to see if I can establish what they're immediate needs are,”says Joey Hutto, of the Aiken Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Tenants flocked to homes of friends and neighbor for safety. Nearly 6 inches of rain trampled the ground in a short time, causing the surge of water to rise nearly waste deep.

“It felt like you were in a pool and you were trying to walk through it. That's how heavy it was,” Jones says.

Residents say the second flood at The Grove Apartments was heavily affected. In fact, their manager warned them to get renters insurance.

“I was like, ok, we need to go get that', but now we really need to go get it,” Jones says.

Now that everyone is safe and power is restored, families are focused on fixing the damage.

Many Aiken County roads are still closed at this time: Five Notch Road, Cherokee Drive, Lynwood Drive, and Willow Lane Road are still closed. If you're driving near those areas, please use caution.

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