Orangutan at Atlanta’s Zoo Pregnant for 3rd Time

Early Election Date Nearly Set (Image 1)
Early Election Date Nearly Set (Image 1)

A Bornean orangutan at Atlanta's zoo is expecting her third infant.
Zoo Atlanta says 21-year-old Miri is expected to deliver in September. The father is 19-year-old Sulango. The infant would be the second orangutan born at the zoo this year.
Miri's first offspring, 9-year-old male Satu, was the first Bornean orangutan born at Atlanta's zoo. Her second, Sandar, also a male, was born in 2010 but died in infancy from physical and developmental complications
The zoo says her pregnancy appears to be progressing normally and her condition is being monitored by ultrasound.
Both Bornean and Sumatran orangutans are endangered. The zoo says experts predict both species could be extinct within 10 years unless there are targeted conservation efforts.

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