Residents Say Flash Flooding Puts Them Unfairly Underwater

Residents Say Flash Flooding Puts Them Unfairly Underwater (Image 1)

People in North Augusta don't love that muddy water when it's pouring into their homes.

After Sunday night's storms, some North Augusta residents say their apartments' management company should have fixed the flood.  While they understand they couldn't stop the rain, they say the company should have known to improve drainage.

“I'm only five feet two so it was mid thigh on me,” says Shamyre Davis, who lives in The Groves.

“It shouldn't even happen one time, the fact that it's happened three times shows their lack of concern,” says resident Michael Beverly.

Groves residents say the apartment complex has flooded twice in the past two months, and three times in the past year.

Our cameras caught residents' reactions this time last year– this woman's apartment was destroyed:

“I just left my apartment complex and my apartment is condemned,” Latrice Richardson said.

Less than a year later, residents were again emptying their apartments and tossing ruined belongings.

“I guess they don't care if we have a place to stay or not,” Beverly says.

Management allegedly told residents then that the flooding was the city's fault.

“They're saying it's either the county or North Augusta city that need to clear it and make a retaining pond, it's not their problem,” Beverly says.

Now, the manager says that she can't give a cause of the flooding but:

“It was eight inches in forty minutes, with that volume of water any place is going to flood,” Stacey Pichette says.

City engineers say the area that flooded is private property so they have no right to go there and they haven't been asked for help.

“We have not heard from the management or anything of that nature,” Tom Zeaser says.

But the city which has been recognized for excellent storm water management says if you have repeated problems, you have to take action to be sure property doesn't go down the drain.

“I would think that's something management would want to look at and have studies done and take a corrective course of action,” he says.

And some residents say they just wish they'd been told about the risk because now they're financially under water – while the development requires renters' insurance, that doesn't always include flood.

“If they didn't want to say that there was a history, they at least should have said to get flood insurance just in case,” resident Samyre Davis says.

The City of North Augusta has been recognized for excellent storm water management on its public property.

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