Residents Trash New Garbage Service

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Monday use to be trash day on Ohio Avenue, and many residents still put out their cans but it was a wasted effort.

“No trash, they said they'll pick it up on Wednesday I disagree with what they're doing,” says Charlotte Hardy who lives on Ohio.

What the city is doing is changing its garbage pickup to once a week.

Here on Ohio Avenue the cans will sit here until Wednesday, this part of towns new pickup day.

In other parts of Augusta customers will have to wait until Friday for service. 

 “Yes that's ridiculous I've got two small kids and we just need it twice a week,” said Mandy Sadowsky.

“It's going to stink, it's going to stink it's going to be terrible out there the trash is going to be it aint going to work,” said Veronica Tarver.

With the new trash service underway landfill officials stationed themselves at the city 311 information center, anticipating a lot of calls about the service changes.

“We're expecting high call volume today we're here at 311 to make sure we can answer any questions and help it go as smoothly as possible,” said Lori Videtto Deputy Landfill Director.

Those worried about over flowing trash bins can get another can however that costs an extra $124 dollars a year. 

 “I can't do it I can't do it two days a week is better,” said Tarver.

“Yeah they should cut the price if they're only going to do one day a week cut the price in half but if you don't cut the price in half go back to you two days,” says Hardy.

“People are not going to be happy I don't care how you put it in most cases, change brings about some difficulties and some readjusting  we're working out the details as week speak,”  says Mayor Pro-Tem Corey Johnson.

Commissioners are expected to talk trash at Tuesday's meeting with City Administrator Fred Russell recommending staying the course with one day a week trash pickup.

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