Commissioners Debate Heery’s Contract And Game Tickets

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

If sales tax money went into a big city building project, like the TEE Center, Library or Judicial Center, chances are Heery international was managing it.

Now the company is looking for another one point six million dollars to finish up projects like the Municipal Building, and expansion at the Phinizy Road Jail.

“One point six million is a lot of money it's not peanuts I would like to go over with them I think they've done a good job since they've been here,” says Commissioner Grady Smith.

Heery's work hasn't come cheap, billing the city more than nine million dollars since 2003, but now there's questions has the company overworked commissioners, by providing them tickets to sporting events like Braves and Falcons games.

“Some of the gifts some of the things they've been doing they haven't come to me with any of those things I haven't been to the games or the press boxes of any of that kind of stuff I don't know,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Have they offered you tickets to a game we asked Commissioner Grady Smith?

“Never, never”, he said.

But commissioners have gone to ball games; Joe Jackson and Alvin Mason are two,

According to the city ethics ordinance elected officials and city employees are prohibited from accepting a gift from a vendor like Heery.

But are tickets really a gift, the ordinance also says  elected officials can get free admission or tickets to an event as a courtesy, so  enjoy the game if Heery or others provide the ticket and  say it's a courtesy.

We asked Grady Smith should commissioners be taking tickets from Heery.

Smith knows about city ethics policy he was censured in March by the commission for working as a subcontractor on a city project.

“I'm the wrong one to ask, but right now the answer is no,” said Smith.

Under the ethics ordinance vendors are to file a report when providing gifts to elected officials, Heery has not filed any reports with the clerk's office.

However the ordinance states reports only have to be filed if the gift is more than $100 dollars in value.



“It just don't it just don't pass the smell test,” said Williams.


Ethics has been a big issue for the commission this year, so has completing renovations of the Municipal Building. 


And that's something Heery could be involved with on both.


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