Martinez Elementary Demolition Begins Tuesday

Martinez Elementary Demolition Begins Tuesday (Image 1)

Demolition on one of the
oldest elementary schools in the CSRA will begin Tuesday, marking a somber day
for many who attended Martinez Elementary. 
So what does the future hold for students and staff who are to attend
there?  Barclay Bishop has more.

Come Tuesday afternoon, Martinez
Elementary School will be nothing but rubble, but there is promise for a better
future for these students.  In fact,
Columbia County says the student population is growing so rapidly that they had
to build a new, bigger school in its place just to make room for the growing
population.  A couple of weeks ago, on
the last day of school for teachers in Columbia County, we caught up with one
who was clearly emotional just talking about this chapter closing.

“It's home, it's a
piece of me. I've been in this building for 27 years,” said veteran teacher,
Myra Smeak. “And when these kids walk out today they will be the last kids that
will be in this building. Martinez will still be here, and I realize it's just
a building, but still it's little piece of my heart.”

The new school will still
be called Martinez Elementary. 
Construction is slated to take about one year, opening up in August
2014.  In the mean time, staff and
students will attend the old Bel Air Elementary School. 

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