Reclaiming Graniteville’s Economy

Reclaiming Graniteville's Economy (Image 1)

A new e-recycling plant, Recleim, is coming to Graniteville, SC.  Many of you had questions about what the plant will do and what the hundreds of jobs it will bring are.  WJBF's Aiken County Bureau Chief, Ashley Bridges went to get answers.

Dozens of
wornout refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers – believe it or not these could be
Graniteville's future:  That's because
Recleim isn't focused on manufacturing – but on de-manufacturing.

“The old
refrigerator will come in the door and go out as pelletized steel, plastic,
copper,” explains plant general manager, Doug Huffer.

company will take apart old appliances, safely dispose of environmental dangers
like CFCs, then resell the parts on the materials markets – these rows of
machines are just the beginning.

“A single
relationship may bring in 26 truckloads per day,” says CEO Ben Hirokawa.

creates a lot of work:  And even though
the integrated technology will be the first of its kind and make an impact
globally, Recleim is focused on hiring locally.

“We want
to make this community known for recycling, and for job creation, and for not
giving up,” Hirokawa says.

local means they have a stake in the community, they have a stake in the
company,” Huffer adds.

Many of those
of you in the community have reached out to the CEO and to the general manager
asking about jobs.

“It was
meaningful to me to how many people called and to hear their stories,” Hirokawa

say, ‘is there a home for me, keep me in mind,' Huffer says.

And we
got answers to who should apply – in short any and all of you.  Recleim is high-tech and will including
engineering jobs, but that isn't all.

unloading trucks to disassembling products, something as simple as using a
screw driver and taking a piece of trim off an appliance,” Huffer explains.

They say
they know you're ready – and they're busy getting ready for you.

are people who are motivated enough to call me directly, and I think it's
important that they know we're coming, we are interested, we just need a little
time,” he says.

They hope
to be in full operation by summer 2014.  Jobs
will rollout leading up to that time, and you can count on WJBF to keep you

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