Richmond County Gets Worst Ozone Rating In The CSRA

Richmond County Gets Worst Ozone Rating In The CSRA (Image 1)

Trussell of Augusta says, “A lot of the
pollution is ruining a lot of stuff just imagine what you are breathing in
right this moment.”

What you are breathing in
is a concentration of “ozone”-and when “ozone” is at
ground-level it's considered unhealthy.

The American Lung
Association rated Richmond County a “C” for ozone pollution in its
14th annual air quality report card.

The EPA has an Air Quality
Index, measuring air pollution daily for all counties in the country.

Dr. Thomas Dillard, Professor at GRU says, “Routinely monitors
particulates in the air, small particles and ground level ozone. Those are the
two most common air pollutants that are considered to affect health in this

And on Tuesday the
“AQI” was rated moderate health concern for a very small number of
people that may experience respiratory symptoms.

That has some Augustans
concerned about the air we breathe.

Mattie of Augusta says, “It's a lot of elder
peoples out here they can not tolerate the pollution and stuff that goes on
around Richmond County area and we need to get something done about it.”

Another Augustan agrees
that Augusta's “C” ozone rating is worrisome.

Darryl Grant of Augusta says, “Yes, it does 'cause
chemicals can do a lot to your body. It can cause a lot of problems with your
health as well.”

Mattie from Augusta wants
something done about it, she says, “You got more
pollution with the traffic going backwards and forwards and we do need to do
something about it.”

But Rebecca Trussell just
moved to Augusta and says she's seen worse.

“It isn't as bad as
some places, but we don't want it to get to that point,” said Trussell.

To get daily air pollution measurements go to


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