Questions Remain Surrounding Firing of Greenbrier Baseball Coach

Questions Remain Surrounding Firing of Greenbrier Baseball Coach (Image 1)

Evans, GA (WJBF) — Questions still remain following the surprising firing of Greenbrier baseball coach Chris Wilkins on Monday.

Just 8 days after coaching the Greenbrier baseball team in the state finals for the 2nd straight year, Chris Wilkins was out of job.

Greenbrier principal Chris Segraves wouldn't provide many details saying he wasn't at liberty to elaborate further on a personnel decision.

WJBF Sports filed an open records request, and that helped shed some light on the situation.

A memo from principal Segraves to coach Wilkins last June, with the subject line “concession stand monies,” twice refers to a gross mismanagement of school funds. In the memo, Segraves also raises concerns about concession stand money not being deposited in timely matter and receipts also not being turned in right away. Segraves chided coach Wilkins for the baseball account ending in a negative balance 2 years in a row, -$2687.76 in 2011 and -$1763.76 in 2012. Segraves warns Wilkins that he could be “relieved of his head coaching responsibilities.”  if they had to revisit this again.

A report we obtained shows the balance for this year's baseball account should end well in the positive.

Coach Wilkins continues to not say anything publicly, telling us his lawyer has advised him not to talk.

On Twitter, he responded to reports about the money mismanagement saying, “how does a man get fired for money he never sees and a concession stand he never enters? Someone wants him gone!”

There have been complaints from parents. A previous memo from principal Margie Hamilton, in 2010 discusses complaints from 4 different parents. The issues include inappropriate language,  and confrontations with parents among others. But coach Wilkins explained or denied all of the allegations in a letter following the complaints.

Also, according to Coach Wilkins' personnel file, there has not been any official talk of complaints from parents since 2010.

Coach Wilkins has not been fired from his teaching job, but he would not comment on whether he would continue in that role. He's obviously shaken up by Monday's events. He tweeted this shortly after getting the news of his firing, “Words cannot describe my hearts devastation but somewhere in this chaos I will find Christ and His great plan for my life.”

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