Richmond County Parents Hold Protest To Remove Local Principal

Richmond County Parents Hold Protest To Remove Local Principal (Image 1)

Today some local parents
and concerned citizens will be taking their concerns about a Richmond County
principal straight to the Board of Education, hoping to have her removed from
the school.  Barclay Bishop has more.

Copeland Elementary School
principal, Kimberly Davis, is the one in the hot seat, that's according to some
Richmond county residents.  They claim
she has been abusing her power, and that it's having an effect on her students.  A petition was started about a month ago, and
so far it has more than 100 signatures on it. 
The petition is for the removal of Principal Davis, stating that she
unfairly suspended several children. 
They also say she endangered some of them by allowing children to get a
ride home from adults they didn't know, without notifying the parents that this
was happening.  Last week we took these
concerns to Richmond County Superintendent, Dr. Frank Roberson.

Roberson said there is no problem in Richmond County public schools and that's
what prompted a lot of parents, this month, to sign the petition because they
know that's not true,” said Dr. Frank Beckles, Lead organizer of the rally.  “We have people signing the petition who have
kids that go to other schools that were mad at what's going on. So we're seeing
a problem that's across the board.”   

“If there are any
issues, I would encourage any credible parent to bring them to my attention. My
door is open,” said Dr. Frank Roberson, Superintendent of Richmond County

“There's no way he
can say no parent has come forward. There's no way he can say I'm not aware of
what's going on. There is no problem in Augusta Richmond County public schools,
there's no way he can say that,” responded Dr. Beckles.

Dr. Beckles tells WJBF
News Channel 6 that he and several other parents have gone as far as meeting
with an attorney about filing a lawsuit against Principal Davis.  It is important to note that nothing had been
filed as of June 4th

Concerned parents will be
meeting at the Pyramid Music store on Broad Street at 2pm.  From there, they plan on walking the petition
to the Board of Education building, hopeful that Dr. Roberson will accept it in

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