Something All Renters Need to Know: Renters Insurance Won’t Keep You Dry If The Floods Come

Something All Renters Need to Know: Renters Insurance Won't Keep You Dry If The Floods Come (Image 1)

All North Augusta residents whose apartments flooded in Sunday night's flash flood lost time and money, but for those without flood insurance, there's a lot more money to go down the drain.

Monday, I met Shamyre Davis sitting distraught outside her door; the rains came and flooded her apartment.

“I'm only 5-2 so it was mid-thigh on me,” Davis says.

Everything she owned was damaged.   But when her and her neighbors' belongings became covered with water and sludge, she thought they'd be covered by renters insurance:

“We do require renters insurance as part of living here so everyone's belongings are covered,” the complex's manager said.

Unfortunately that's incorrect.

“Your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage,” clarifies State Farm agent Eddie Smith.

That goes for renters too.

“They at least should have said to get flood insurance just in case,” Davis says.

All flood insurance must be purchased separately – and it's important to have because rising flood waters mean rising costs.

“It could be in the thousands of dollars, a flash flood could create a whole lot of damage,” Smith says.

Neighbors are seeing each fight to stay above water with the cost of that damage.

“That's a depressing moment but you just pray to God that everything works out for them,” neighbor Fabian Moore says.

But they can't imagine what it would be like to start over themselves.

“No, I can't imagine, that's a lot of work,” Laron Craig says.

And once the rain starts coming down it's too late to sign up.

“After the fact, it's too late like it is with any other catastrophe,” Smith says. “Once that happens, it's a very sad situation.”

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