Columbia County Crews Prepare for Tropical Storm Andrea

Columbia County Crews Prepare for Tropical Storm Andrea (Image 1)

Storm Andrea could bring floods to the CSRA. A flood watch is in effect in our
area until 8 p.m. Friday.

County engineers say the crews from the Georgia Department of Transportation
inspect their roads and bridges every year – and so far so good. Crews alert them
about any deficiencies or road repairs – but with this weather system, they're really
expecting more rains and localized flooding.

Crews in
Columbia County kept a close eye on the weather as tropical storm Andrea moved

heavy rains come it brings trash out of yards so anything we've seen, we've
gotten up,” said Columbia County Constructions and Maintenance Director, Matt

ready to go with our plans, our practices, our crews – we know what to do,”
said EMA Director Pam Tucker.

got out crews on stand by – we have barrels, we have barricades, we have
equipment,” said Schlachter.

water department is looking at the storm system, and after rain, there's lots
of trash, pinestraw, and sticks,” Schlachter.

Crews are
still repairing a sinkhole in the Barrington subdivision after severe weather
hit earlier this week.

The road
caved in following Monday's heavy rainstorm and now with more rain on the way,
crews are on stand-by mode.

trying to isolate waterlines, make sure gas lines don't rupture and power lines
don't break. Until the rain clears we won't have time to make repairs and don't
want to open up any more dirt than we have to,” said Schlachter.

engineers say the sinkhole formed after heavy rains overloaded the drains
causing an underground pipe to explode.

“I don't expect any more sinkholes. The rain
we got was quite large. We got 5 inches in just over an hour that's a big test
for a storm system,” said Schlachter.

major damage is not expected, crews have their plans in place – just in case.

“If we do
have flooding, get to higher ground. If the rain is really heavy, move your car
to higher grounds,” said Pam Tucker.

hard to say how much rain is going to fall at any given time but we do know a
lot is coming so we have to wait and see what happens,” said Schlachter.

“If you are in a low lying area, please
consider getting flood insurance. It takes 30 days to go into effect,” said

Crews don't
anticipate any major damage from Tropical Storm Andrea – but just some possible
localized flooding.

Now if
you don't have an emergency kit ready, make sure you have a flashlight handy,
charge your phone and laptops and keep monitoring in case severe weather hits
our area.

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