Ethics Committee Chairman Will Seek Legal Opinion

Two Augusta commissioners say there's no reason to resign from their spots on the city ethics sub-

As we reported, commissioner Marion Williams says  Alvin Mason and Corey Johnson should recues themselves from the committee reviewing  city ethics rules.

The two admit to going to Falcons games in the luxury box of city contractor Heery International.

City rules allow commissioners to accept tickets so both feel there's no reason to leave the sub-committee. 

“Occasionally it happens and commissioners whoever maybe given a ticket or whatever it maybe and there's nothing wrong with that George, people say that it's perceivable to be a big issue but it's not,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Corey Johnson.

“People are making much to do about nothing If you don't like the rule we can always change it the fact of the matter is I'm following the rules of the game there is no reporting requirement I just want to follow the rules and that's what I've done,” says Commissioner Alvin Mason.

Commissioner Donnie Smith is chairman of the ethics committee and says he's asking the law department to review the actions of the commissioners to see if policy was violated.

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