Buddy Check 6: Facebook garners support for breast cancer survivor

This month's Buddy Check 6 report spotlights a woman winning her battle against breast cancer.

Her family, friends and even Facebook page have generated a lot of love and support during this time. Now she's sharing her story, hoping to encourage others. @

While Susan Hunt and her husband were watching their children grow……something was growing inside of Susan, I'm what they call a Triple Negative Cancer patient. My cancer is not driven by hormones, and my BRCA test came back as negative, so I don't carry the cancer gene, so it puts me in a more aggressive cancer.

The lump didn't show up on her annual mammogram, but doctors wanted to keep an eye on a suspicious area, “when I got home that evening I started checking to find what they were looking at, and actually found the lump on my left breast, they were not looking there. They did not do the sonogram on that side.

Because she did a breast self exam, she caught what was over looked. Many women with Triple Negative Breast Cancer choose to have a double mastectomy, for Susan it was no different, “I did not want to have to worry about it coming back in the other breast anytime in my life. I wanted it gone. It can come back somewhere else in my body, but I know that there it will never come back.”

After the double mastectomy in April of 2013, Susan immediately started reconstruction and she's facing Chemotherapy. She's winning her battle because of family, friends, a great medical team at University Hospital and the kindness of strangers, ” she sent this in the mail I got it Monday. I was just blown away and with it there were prayers and a note that said she wanted to do this for someone to bring a smile to their face and know that your being prayed for.”

Susan says it's that kind of love and support that gives her the strength she needs.

To follow Susan's progress go to her Facebook page, 'We Fight for Susan”

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