Haley Signs Bill Boosting Breweries’ Business

Warning About Puppy Flipping (Image 1)
Warning About Puppy Flipping (Image 1)

South Carolina's breweries may now sell pints to people touring their facilities.
Gov. Nikki Haley signed into law Thursday a bill allowing tourists to sample more brew on-site. Spokesman Rob Godfrey summed up her support in one word: “Cheers!”
People can now drink up to 48 ounces as part of their tour, allowing for tastings of full pints.
The president of the state Brewers Association says she expects the law to result in more breweries opening in South Carolina. Currently, there are 12.
Jaime Tenny is also the co-owner of COAST Brewing Co. in Charleston. She says the law will completely change the way her business operates, with expanded hours and more events.
State law previously limited on-site consumption to four samples of four ounces. Tenny says that wasn't profitable.

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