Neighborhood Waits Two Days For Once A Week Pickup

Commission To Vote On Downtown Safety Plan (Image 1)

Wally Baskovich was looking for the 4-1-1 on why was his garbage wasn't picked up Wednesday.

People are busy I can understand that but it's still Friday and we still have eight cans full, and they're still trying to work it out,” said Baskovich.

Full cans and frustration over a large section of the hill, in Augusta where pick up was lagging two days behind. 

A double whammy for Nancy Bowers she's got a business and a home in the area.

“And it's not been picked up and you caught me checking in the rain to see if it's been picked up again and it's not this is Friday,” she said

And trash that's not picked up, piles up.

“We just keep pushing it down further,” said Bowers.

But many around here feel the city is pushing them when it comes to trash.

“They're not doing their job,” said Leslie Patterson

And many say their complaints about pickup are falling on deaf ears.

“I  did call I was on hold waiting to speak to someone hung up tried to call to leave a message but didn't get through that,” added Patterson.

Calls are getting to the 3-1-1 call center but there are lots of them, this week the averages is 17 hundred a day.

“Right now we're just trying to manage the call volume but we are taking immediate action to get some temporary employees in here that can help with the call volume, they just want their  questions answered and they want to hear a voice on the other end,” says 311 Manager Kelli Walker.

By afternoon a truck was in the hill area, getting to the missed pickups

Landfill officials say just because they were behind scheduled here it would not ripple to other parts of town.

The truck in the hill section was a back up, not a truck scheduled to be working in another part of the city.  

But if problems persist the trucks will be out again on Saturday.

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