Rain Causes Damage, Flooding Throughout The CSRA

Rain Causes Damage, Flooding Throughout The CSRA (Image 1)

The CSRA didn't escape from Tropical Storm Andrea. Reports have been coming in throughout the night and into the day about storm damage and flooding.

Lots of trees are down because of ground saturation. One on Hopkins Street, near Eighth Street, in downtown Augusta had crews busy working quickly to get the tree out of the way.

Over in North Augusta, a tree toppled over on a home on Sisken Road. We're told it fell on a back bedroom. Thankfully, no one was in the room at the time.

In Aiken, a downed tree on Croft Mill Road caused some traffic delays and a power outage. Several other power outages were reported in Aiken County…one was near Pine Log Road and Hitchcock Parkway.

There were also power outages reported Friday in Saluda. At last check, power is restored to all areas.

Ground saturation is not only the reason for downed trees…sinkholes are also contributing to the situation. in the Barrington subdivision in Columbia County.

And with all the storm damage, there's also a lot of flooding. In Wrens, flood waters came dangerously close to entering a woman's home. And, Bobbie Boatwright says it isn't the first time. WJBF News Channel 6's Archith Seshadri checked it out and filed the following report.

Other parts of the CSRA including Bamberg, Barnwell and Allendale counties didn't have much damage from the storm, and the same story goes for Burke County. But, some parts of Jefferson County saw up to 6 inches of rain.

When it rains, it pours. The rush of water from across the street gushes into Bobbie Boatwright's home in Wrens. “There was so much water this morning, it looked like a pond back here,” she said.

“Everytime it rains it floods. The water comes to our door and it's hard to get out,” said Shalonica Stone, Boatright's daughter, who lives with her.

Both women say heavy rains and a poor drainage system causes one puddle after another.

Archith Seshadri, reporting: “The homeowner has lived on this 10 acre lot for more than a decade. Take a look at some of the damage here. This is the AC unit – you can see where the trash is. That's how the water rose this morning. Also in the backyard, there are a bunch of different ponds and as I am walking out here, you can see how deep the water has gotten out here. It's still pretty wet a few hours after all the rain. And if you like at this side of the home, you can see a river gushing through the back. The homeowner says this happens every time it rains and say when the water rises, it brings out snakes.”

“It is very scary because you have the woods behind and then you have the issue of snakes,” said Stone.

Luckily, we didn't spot any snakes Friday, but we certainly got our feet wet. “This morning, around 5:30 or 6, it was horrible. It looked like a pond back here,” said Stone.

“It was awful…all the water was up to my mobile home,” said Boatwright. “It was…you could pretty much go swimming back here,” said Stone.

Stone says there is just one other home in the area that gets flooded, but typically it's her home that suffers the brunt of the damage. Boatright says they did not call the city this time, but hope they fix the drainage issue in the near future.

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