Augusta Warrior Project Fundraiser

Augusta Warrior Project Fundraiser (Image 1)
Augusta Warrior Project Fundraiser (Image 1)

The Augusta Warrior Project helping hundreds of service members in the CSRA over the last year and this weekend a fundraiser was held for the organization.

Saturday, a day to treat yourself and your car, for the cost of a donation.
People could get body massages and car washes if they donated.
Volunteers took advantage of the first rain-free day in the last few days:all for a good cause.

Dianna Kendrick owner, of Dinamic Bodywork says, “So to me it's just to give something back and I've been trying to give something back for a while and it's just really has not worked out. So today maybe we'll get somebody's attention that we want to do something for our warriors.”

100% of Saturday's proceeds are going to the Augusta Warrior Project.
The winner of a raffle will be announced on Monday afternoon.

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