Heavy Rain Continues, Sinkhole Gets Bigger

Heavy Rain Continues, Sinkhole Gets Bigger (Image 1)
Heavy Rain Continues, Sinkhole Gets Bigger (Image 1)

Several inches of heavy rain is washing the road away on Lakestone Court in Columbia County..

Matt Schlachter, Maintenance Director of Columbia County says, “We had our pipe under the road failed, had some spots on the pipe opened up which caused the material above the pipe, around the pipe to sink. When that dirt went away of course the road failed with it.”

A sinkhole that goes twenty feet deep…keeps getting wider. Only a narrow passageway allows residents to walk back to their homes. But, the flooding rain won't let up and even that safe passage is crumbling.

Schlachter says, “We have started our construction process. The first process we had to go through was getting the lake drained. We started that, we actually removed the spillway structure to allow the water to drop.”

A lake draining underneath the road was nearly empty Monday morning, but when we came back in the afternoon, it was full. That means construction crews can't fix anything until it drains again.

Schlachter says, “Right now, it's kind of a waiting game. Let the engineers get their job done, get the rain behind us, and we can start work.”

Residents inconvenienced by the closed road declined to be on-camera, but tell me they are frustrated and just want things to go back to normal.

With all this rain continuing to fall, it looks like that won't be happening anytime soon.

Schlachter says, “Right now, I can't tell you an exact time frame until I know exactly what the solution is.”

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