Pets Left In Hot Cars Could Get A Break

Pets Left In Hot Cars Could Get A Break (Image 1)

It could be a break for pets or kids left in cars on a hot day in Augusta.

After months of debate, an Augusta Commission committee is recommending a change to the animal control ordinance.

The change would allow a public safety officer to break the window of a vehicle if there is a pet left in the car on a hot day. A hot day would be one with temperatures above 85 degrees.

“If the animal is unresponsive, has glassy eyes, there is no movement, appears to be unconscious, yes, we can break a window to get the animal out of the vehicle,” says Augusta Animal Services Director Sharon Broady.

Leaving a pet in the vehicle could result in the owner being charged with a misdemeanor and be liable for the broken windows and vet bills.

The committee also approved a companion ordinance for leaving a child in a car, but the city attorney, Andrew MacKenzie, said there were already state laws on the books addressing that. He said the city ordinance would supplement state law.

The full Commissson will have to approve the ordinance change in a vote next week.

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