Big New Jobs Coming to South Carolina Small Town

Big New Jobs Coming to South Carolina Small Town (Image 1)

“I was born and raised here in Williston, and I'm going to go out in Williston,” says Dayco Drum Room Coordinator Keith Clifton.

The Williston, South Carolina Dayco plant where Keith Clifton works is busy. Machines and people are constantly moving to make car parts, like pulleys and belts.  For some belts, the plant makes as many as 42,000 a day. That's big business, but it's found under the water tower of a very tiny town.

“Everybody's just real close,” Clifton says.

Williston is in Barnwell County, where the unemployment rate is declining, but still nearly double the national average.

“It hurts,” says David Still.  “Everybody needs a job. We got families and we're struggling.”

Still is lucky and has a job he loves.  He has worked down the road at NBS for more than 20 years.  You know those little soda signs you see on vending machines?  They make them.  And soon both companies will be making more jobs-  NBS is adding 80 and Dayco is adding 15.  Many of those jobs will go to friends and neighbors.

“We know a lot of them, a lot of them are family and friends, that comes from growing up in a small town.”

The leader of NBS says he knows how important the jobs are here.

“Rural areas need the jobs,” Will Roberson says.  “Cities, people are more transient, they can move, here folks don't have a lot of opportunities”

Governor Haley toured both plants to see the floors where more people will soon be employed.

“95 more families are going to sleep well tonight, 95 families that are going to be okay,” she says.

And if you see these jobs and think you could be one of those 95, but you don't live in Williston:

“There's no other small town like it,” Clifton says.  “If you came here, and had a chance to get to know it, you could make yourself at home here.”

The Barnwell County Economic Development Committee worked with Governor Haley and Congressman Joe Wilson to help with those expansions.

Dayco will begin hiring August 1, 2013 through the Barnwell SC Works Center.

National Beverage Screen Printers is already hiring; they are hiring through Aiken staffing.

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