Aiken Homeowners Find Powder Substance In Mailboxes

Two Aiken homeowners found
something suspicious inside of their mailboxes on Tuesday. It happened on Washington Circle in Aiken. Aiken Public Safety Officers say
the powdered substance is from a fire extinguisher. They say the substance poses no
harm or threat to the safety of the people in the area.

Investigators arrived at the
scene around 2:30 p.m. and they didn't find out what the substance was until 8:30 p.m.

With the recent mailing of ricin-laced letters to President Obama
and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Aiken authorities decided to call SLED
and the FBI for help.

“We want to take any
precaution to make sure that if it is a harmful substance that we have taken
the appropriate precautions for the citizens to keep them safe,” says Aiken Public Safety Master Corporal Jeremy Hembree.

We spoke with one of the
homeowners who found the substance. She says she has no idea why someone
sprayed a fire extinguisher inside of her mailbox.

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