Buddy Check 6: Still cooking at life after diagnosis

Hundreds of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.
In this month's Buddy Check 6 report, we meet a woman who won't let that diagnosis keep her from living a productive life.

Patricia Sims is a busy woman. She went back to school and has a 3 point 5 GPA….and she loves to get in the kitchen, ” I love cooking, soul food cooking.”

These are the hands that whip up great meals…..they're also the hands that found the lump in her breast, “I normally do my breast check monthly and I noticed something in October. December I noticed that it had gotten bigger.

12 -12 -12 is a date she will never forget…..it was the date doctors told her she had breast cancer.

Patricia, “I was shocked because I know I have cancer in my family, but breast cancer wasn't one of them.”

After her diagnoses she found out in fact that there is a history of breast cancer in her family. Chemotherapy treatments are affecting the master pieces she once whipped up in the kitchen.

Sims, ” with this chemo going on, it takes a lot of taste out of your mouth. So I don't have a taste for food anymore this chemo changed my eating habits.” 

Through it all family, friends and her faith are a big help, “faith brought me through it and I tell everybody, don't give up, don't never give up, take it in stride and god is good.”

Patricia says she looking forward to graduating and getting back into the kitchen to prepare meals for those big family gatherings.

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