Distracted Driving

Judge Dismisses Prison Cell Phone Suit (Image 1)

Think you know all about distracted

It turns out hands free, does not mean
distraction free.

A new study from Triple-A shows all
those voice activated gadgets automakers are putting in cars are not making
driving safer.

According to the research, drivers who
use hands free cell phones to talk or send messages are at least two times more
distracted than those who don't.

The speech-to-text-in-car systems that
let you keep your hands hand on the wheel and eyes on the road, are even worse
– the drivers are three times more distracted. 

ABC's David Kerley found out that even
with his eyes on the road, his brain couldn't do it all.

Joel Cooper from the University of Utah
says, “Your brain is so overloaded with these talk to text tasks or talking on
a cell phone that you have very little residual capability to attend to the roadway.”

For years, car companies have been
marketing “hands free” systems to new car buyers.  Attracting younger drivers with the promise
of being able to control music, answer e-mails, even peak on Facebook using
your voice. 

Triple-A, which sponsored the study, wants

Yolanda Cade, AAA spokeswoman, says, “This
speech to text technology should only be used or limited to use to drivers when
the vehicle is stopped.”

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