Fort. Gordon Holds Anti-Terrorism Drills

Fort. Gordon Holds Anti-Terrorism Drills (Image 1)

Soon after an announcement, military police were on the scene, the base was locked down and a building evacuation was underway. But it was just a drill.

Colonel Robert Barker, Fort Gordon Garrison Commander, explains that “this is the annual terrorism exercise on Fort Gordon. We do an annual training exercise to ensure that everyone has an understanding of the current threat that the world faces and that Ft. Gordon faces.”

Col. Barker says each year exercises like this one take place around the installation — each with a different scenario ranging from casualty events to gunfire.

And folks on Ft. Gordon say that exercises like these help to keep them safe in the instance that this does happen in real life.

Cynthia Kraemer lives on Fort Gordon. She came by Darling Hall to get her son an i.d. Card, but was denied access because the building was on lock down. She says waiting out in the sun for the simulation to finish was not a problem. She says, “I'd rather be inconvenienced than be dead or in the hospital several injured.”

Kraemer says a few minutes could make a difference for the men and women on Ft. Gordon to ensure they are ready for whatever comes their way.

“If we're the school on post or the Darling Hall or the Commons Area or the PX with a gun or a bomb, I feel like they're prepared to come in and protect us,” she adds.

Thursday is the last day for the annual drills. Fort Gordon officials want to emphasize that the activity you see on post are only simulations and there is no cause for alarm.

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