Wet Weather Hasn’t Hurt Augusta Water Usage

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Lots of rain is good news for Augusta's lawns but is it bad news for the water department?

When you turn on the tap or the water sprinkler the water meter starts running and the city of Augusta collects money.

We wanted to know if things were slow at the water treatment plant with all the wet weather.

So officials looked  at the numbers for treating water compared in May and June compared to last year.

The results have been a surprise.

“The first 11 days of June It's less than I expected we're only down three percent for the same time period last year but we also looked at may we were way up in what we treated up about 17 percent so that's a surprising number to me,: says Utilities Department Director Tom Wiedmeier

Wiedmeier did not have an explanation as to why May numbers were up over last year, though it was drier that month.

Also Wiedmeier says industry is the biggest user of city water, so the city doesn't see big spikes in usage or drop offs in dry or wet periods.

Wiedmeier does not expect the wet weather to have any significant impact on the revenue the city collects from water bills this year.

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